I don’t know very much about anything.

I thought I did once. I created my own business from scratch and escaped the 9-to-5 to do what I loved on my own terms. I used to blog, very passionately, about making your dreams come true and realizing your best you and all that self-empowering stuff. It was kind of my life.

Then my life went sideways.

In rapid succession, we lost everything we’d built in our 30-some years of living. We lost a grand total of 3 jobs (including 1 dream career), 1 car, 3 dogs, 1 house, most of our belongings, all of our pride, and a decent chunk of our energy and sanity. We moved into my in-laws’ basement. We very nearly lost our marriage several times over the three years we were there trying to rebuild our finances.

Our lives were one pickup truck away from being the best (or worst?) country song ever.

I also officially lost my ability to ever pretend I know what the hell I’m doing or what life plans to do with me. But I gained some pretty awesome things too. Like the realization that life can, and often does, suck hardcore, and you can either let that make you miserable or fight for whatever happiness you can find. It took a long time to get my fight back, but after some severely dark years and lots of recovery, I choose to fight.

I don’t have a particular message or mission anymore; I’m just trying to get a better grasp on the best way to be a decent human, regardless of whether life is awesome or shitty.

My name is Kelly Gurnett. I’m a freelance writer who stopped writing because she didn’t know what she believed in or stood for anymore. I still don’t know, but I’m writing again.

I hope you find something here you connect with.